Every single day, millions of Driftwood's are washed to the shores and beaches around the world. Here in the Philippines, with more than seven thousand Islands, all kind of Driftwood's are found along the sandy beaches or on the rocky cliffs. Some wooden parts are big like trees or big trunks; others are small, formed by branches of all kind of different woods and bushes. Some of the wooden parts are floating in the seawater for a very long time, or they have been washed on the rocky shores or sandy beaches, and later again out to the high sea floating to other unknown destinations in the archipelago. The sea is constantly moving; never stands still and sometimes, with winds and storms, grow into a real hell of dangerous streams with big uncontrolled waves. The floating pieces of wood are during months or years washed out by the constant movement of the waters.

Depending on the structure of the wood, whether hard or soft wood, and on the time floating in the waters, washed up and down on the sandy beaches or rocks of the cliffs, the DRIFTWOOD'S take a natural structure with special touch. Some woods are the living habitat for smaller or bigger sea animals, as the wooden parts are lying on the beaches or floating in the open sea.


The collection of DRIFTWOOD'S can be a very interesting and exiting hobby. The Driftwood's have to be washed and cleaned from sand, seawater and other natural components with clear fresh water. Once the wood is clean, it needs a long time to dry completely. The sun in the Philippines is best to let the wood dry over a long period. The wood has to be protected from rains otherwise it will never dry out completely.


DRIFTWOOD is a very interesting material to create natural Art works. The structure of the wood, the type of wood, the deterioration of the wood, the impact of animals and seawater as well sand and rocks makes each pieces a unique natural survivor. Driftwood is a survivor of a once living plant.

By creating Art works we can bring this wood, sculptured by nature, alive again.