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Jürg Casserini

The Artist

Jürg Casserini was born in 1950 in Thun, Switzerland, where his father, a well-known lithograph, was heading the “Stein- und Offsetdruckerei Casserini & Sohn”.    


As a young man Jürg had to choose between his love for art or his hunger to explore the world. He decided to become a Consular and Diplomatic representative for the Swiss Government. In over 40 years he has been working in 16 countries at the Swiss Embassies, Foreign Interest Sections and Consulates General. During his professional life he was also acting as a Cultural Attaché and organized a number of Art Exhibitions and numerous other cultural events.


As Consul General in Sydney, he did some iron sculptures with Ulric Steiner, a famous Swiss sculptor in Australia. Since those years he became more and more involved in art.


After his retirement in the Philippines in December 2013 his passion for art led him to a new adventurous path. Why shouldn’t he work on something different? As an autodidact, influenced by some of the best-known Swiss and foreign artists at a very young age, he developed his sense for forms and colors. The ability and willingness to endeavor new options beyond traditional boundaries guided him to different materials. This was the hour of birth of a unique composition of slag, a product of copper smelting and acrylic paint.


Life and nature, limitless inspiration, a basket full of materials from the endless beaches and a mind bursting of ideas. Bangkas - an homage to the Philippine fisherman, remind us that nothing is final.  


Clarity and absence of adornments characterize Jürg Casserini’s work.






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